New Nirvana Song Created By Artificial Intelligence

A brand new Nirvana song – sort of – has been created by an artificial intelligence program.

The track, titled “Drowned In The Sun”, was made by analyzing 30 Nirvana songs, then creating a new song based on chord changes, vocal melodies, drum patterns, and other data to make a new song. The tune was then recorded by Atlanta-based Nirvana tribute band Nevermind to re-create the band’s signature sound.

“Drowned In The Sun” is the latest creation by a group called Lost Tapes of the 27 Club – which creates ‘new’ songs by deceased artists like Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison, to promote the importance of mental health treatment.

Would it be possible to make an entire Nirvana album with this AI? Can an AI-produced song ever match a song written by an actual person?

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