Not A Neon Tree or Mr. Glenn Hides Out.

This is the story of how I looked Tyler Glenn right in the eyes; yes, that Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees, a man I have met several times and seen on stage many more times, I looked him right in the eyes and said, “Now, I know we’ve met, what’s your name?”

Tyler was with another person I was about to interview (John Dehlin…that’s another story) and he asked, “do you mind if I sit her and listen for a bit?” I didn’t recognize him in the slightest. “Sure,” I said, “want some french fries? I’m buyin'”

“Sure,” said the guy who turned out to be the incredibly talented Tyler Glenn.

I brought the fries back to the table sat them down in front of him and that’s when I asked his name.

“It’s me, Bill. Tyler. Tyler Glenn. I know. I don’t look like that boy who sings with the Neon Trees.”

Well, I was only a little embarrassed, because….look at that picture. Is that really him? Well, when you see that big bright smile there can be no doubt. It’s Tyler Glenn.

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