Paramount Puts 100’s of Titles on YouTube…For Free

YouTube is planning on launching a subscription service in the future and what better way to get a film education than getting it for free.

Sure, there are lots of full films to watch, but also clips that will no doubt entice you to pony up some dough to rent some of the premium titles when the service finally launches.

Click here to stop working and start watching movies!

Some of my favorites off the bat are: Masters of the Universe, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Dennis Hopper, American Ninja 2, Chuck Norris in Missing in Action and John Cusack in Hot Pursuit.  What? Did you think they would actually put up film you would actually want to watch? Well, no, but there’s probably a lot you haven’t seen or ever heard of and that doesn’t make them bad films. It just makes them films no one would pay to see in 2016. Oh, and it doesn’t seem any are in HD. At least not the ones I’ve sampled.



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