Pete Davidson On Joey Ramone Biopic: ‘I’m Still In Shock That They’re Letting Me Do This’

Pete Davidson is shocked that he gets to portray the legendary frontman of the Ramones, Joey Ramone.

While speaking to Billboard about the role he says figuring out SNL’s “algorithm” really helped him get comfortable slipping into character.

“I’m not like [SNL cast mates] Kate [McKinnon] or Keenan [Thompson] or Chris [Redd] who can do characters and they can disappear into s–t,” says Davidson.

Pete admits to doing little prep work while doing skits like “NFT” and “Stu” on SNL, but for the biopic, he’s digging deep. “I’m about to start music lessons and voice lessons and all this other s–t and it’s honestly a dream come true that they’re giving Pete a shot,” he says, referring to himself in the third person. “Hopefully I do it justice and I hope I don’t let anybody down.”

Do you think Pete Davidson is the right person to portray Joey Ramone?

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