The Pixies are Releasing a 3 Disc Version of Doolittle!

Here comes your man!!  And by that I mean, here comes something that is on my Christmas list 🙂

Hipster Santa Claus with the bag of the presents shows class

Hipster Santa liked Christmas before it was cool.

The Pixies are celebrating the 25th birthday of “Doolittle”  by putting out a three-disc deluxe edition of the classic 1989 album.  I’m such a geek about this kind of stuff.  With the actual music being so readily available on the internets these days, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when bands put some hard work and thought in to fans that actually enjoy going out and buying stuff.

Want to understand why the Pixies are a music legend? Dive into this comprehensive guide.


Christmas Shopping. Girl With Bags in Shopping Mall

Not this much.  NOBODY likes buying stuff this much.

So this bad boy is LOADED with rarities and demos.  The first bonus disc is filled with B-sides and Peel Sessions from the Pixies’ “Doolittle” era, while the second bonus disc features TWENTY TWO demo recordings, many of which have never been released before.  I’m sure some of these are terrible.  I mean, they were left off the album for a reason.  BUT, as I mentioned before, I’m a total geek for this kind of thing.  The demos are  in the same order as the original album, giving usa peek at an early version of “Doolittle”. You wont get the “Frank Black as drawn by Jon Smith in MSPAINT though. That mofo is one of a kind.)  This version is called  “Doolittle 25”, and it is available at

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