Serj Tankian Talks Crazy Year

Serj Tankian is crazy busy.

In a new interview, the System of a Down frontman was asked about what’s next and explained, “I enjoy doing the rock stuff, and I still have more rock songs, and they’ll probably come to me at a particular time. But mostly I’ve been focusing on scoring, art, putting out a lot of releases. By the end of this year, I counted, I will have had a dozen releases of things. That includes two films and two soundtracks. We’re putting out two live records in November and December with F.C.C., my backup band, from 2008 and 2009. And we’re doing the NFT thing.”

He went on to say, “We had a live gallery exhibit in July. And also I put out my poetry collection — my poetry suite, which is a whole record of poetry with cinematic music that we released later this summer. So it’s kind of wild, man. It’s been a year of probably the most releases I’ve had. And it’s just whatever comes. If rock comes, I do rock.”

Do you follow any of Tankian’s other projects?

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