Should There Be A Concert Ticket Law for Bands Who Use Backing Tracks?

You ever paid a ton of cash to see your favorite band only to realize that the band isn’t even performing live? Well, Anthrax’s Scott Ian has an idea; create a concert ticket law that requires bands to disclose if any part of their show is pre-recorded.

Ian proposed the idea during blue guitarist Joe Bonamassa’s Welcome to Nerdville podcast, saying “I hate going to a show and just instantly knowing all the backing tracks are pre-recorded. I don’t know how it could be a law – but I think it should be printed on a ticket – for the bands that are doing that, saying ’70 percent of the show you’re paying $250 for is pre-recorded.'”

Do you think musical artists should disclose how much of their live show is pre-recorded on a concert ticket? Have you ever been to a live show only to hear pre-recorded vocals?

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