SPIN’s Top 5 Rock Bands Right Now

Spin magazine’s writers have compiled a list of the top 50 rock bands out right now, including the top five, which are:

No. 5 – Michigan’s Cloud Rat, which Spin says “gives a new voice to an ever-growing collective rage”

No. 4 – London’s Chubby and The Gang, who use “Dolls-style Chucky Berry riffs, bar room choruses and even harmonica” for their sound

No. 3 – Paramore, with music that’s “always told the story of survival and hard growth”

No. 2 – Philly’s Control Top, the band that “sums up everything you want to scream at the top of your lungs in 2020”

No.1 – Haim, the sisters-trio “that delivers the middle finger to ‘mansplaining'”

Which of these top five bands, picked by Spin, have you heard? Which rock bands are in your top five for 2020?

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