The Killers Won’t Kick You in the Face

“You Make Us Look Good”

The night after Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age made the bad choice to kick photographer, Chelsea Lauren, in the face during their set at a festival show in Los Angeles, The Killer’s frontman, Brandon Flowers, assured another photog that he and his kind were welcome at their shows and they would be safe saying, “I won’t kick you in the face.” He also commented that we needed to take care of those people because “They make us look good.”

Josh’s first apology didn’t go over well as many thought he was shucking off responsibility for his actions claiming he was lost in the moment.

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Here’s the event that Mr. Flowers is referring to:

Even Josh’s friend, Anthony Bourdain took to Twitter to express his disappointment:

Then Sunday night Mr. Homme published a more heartfelt apology to Ms. Lauren:


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This seemed to ease some of the hostility across the internet:

Kind of a bummer, but hopefully we all learned something.

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