Will This Be Best Picture 2015?

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David O. Russell released the trailer for his upcoming film, “Joy.” Reuniting the cast of “Silver Linings Playbook” (Jennifer Lawrence, Bradly Cooper, Robert DeNiro) and people are already saying this could be the film to beat this year. Besides, let’s be honest…it’s been a lame year for cinema. Hollywood is cashing in on nostalgia rather than art with some very sub-par films. If anyone can add some imagination and inspiration into a slumped-up “Ant-Man” “Avengers” “…Whatever Part 12” machine, Mr. Russell can. Not everyone has to make movies following Joseph Campbell’s how-to guide verbatim.

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Russell has give us “American Hustle”, which despite flaws, was interesting. “I Heart Huckabees” like Cohen Brothers’ films only get better upon multiple watchings and “The Fighter” was a fiction film based on a real-life boxer whose brother was the feature of an HBO documentary regarding his drug use. Talk about meta-film making.

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Exciting to see this film as I suspect when Russell’s take on a woman who “leads a life of quiet desperation” to throw Thoreau around, should be dark, smart and reckless in the best way.

Check out the trailer:

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