William Shatner is Defending ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

It’s the debate that has captivated the nation… The arguments rage on over the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. You can count William Shatner as being on the side of the song being ok to play. The 87-year-old actor has never been bashful about getting on Twitter to express himself. And this time is no different. Shatner tweeted: “Call into CBC radio all day and get them to play ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ over and over until midnight!”

Shatner engaged fans in debating the topic after his tweet. He expressed his concern that the song is being viewed through “myopic glasses.” Shatner explained: “I would think that censorship of classics because certain “types” need to judge things through their own 2018 myopic glasses and demand they be stricken from history is important. Or is this 1984 only 34 years too late?”

Is the debate over the song a perfect example of political correctness gone too far? Do you have to accept that the song was written during a different time in our culture?

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