Celebrity News for March 23 2016

The Hogan Verdict

Gawker responds.

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Hulk Hogan speaks out on his $140M Gawker smackdown

He’s faced down Andre the Giant and the Iron Sheik, but Hulk Hogan says the stare he got from Gawker publisher Nick Denton in court is what really terrified him.

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Mariah Carey Warned Not to Perform Birthday Concert in Brussels

Mariah’s concert is set for Sunday, but we’re told her security team is “strongly against” the show in the wake of the bombings.

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Muted ‘Batman v. Superman’ London premiere goes on after Brussels attack

Movie studio Warner Bros said it will go ahead with Tuesday’s London premiere of“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” its new superhero movie but skip a red carpet and press interviews out of respect for the victims of the Brussels attacks.

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Justin Bieber — Security Scare Triggers Big Concert Changes

Justin Bieber had a scary moment at his concert Monday night, when an obsessed and potentially dangerous fan got within 10 feet of him during a meet and greet, and it’s triggered a big change in his interaction with concertgoers.

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‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Dies In Plane Crash

Erin Storm, who competed for the affection of Matt Grant on “The Bachelor,” has died in a plane crash.

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Harrison Ford Gives New Hope Han Solo Could Return In ‘Star Wars’

Unless you’ve been living in a galaxy far, far away, you’ve probably heard the twist in the new “Star Wars” movie.

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Jared Fogle’s Back in the Food Biz

Jared Fogle — who was beaten by a prison inmate — has learned revenge is best served cold … and is doing just that at the prison cafeteria.

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Bravo to Joe Giudice: You’re No Teresa … No Special for You!

Joe Giudice is getting the bum’s rush from Bravo as he enters prison … at least compared to his wife.

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Inside the prison where Joe Giudice will serve 41 months

Joe Giudice is set to begin his 41-month prison sentence for fraud at Federal Correctional Institution Fort Dix on Wednesday.

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Sarah Palin wants to be the next ‘Judge Judy’

Now presiding — Judge Palin?

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Artists make more off vinyl sales than streaming services

Vinyl record sales a mere blip on the music industry’s radar screen?

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Bobby Shmurda: Cops Framed Me Because I’m Black

Bobby Shmurda says the cops who busted him on a felony gun charge targeted him and his friends because they’re black.

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Rare Prince Sighting

Prince hopped and skipped across a New York City sidewalk Monday … in broad daylight!

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Reese Witherspoon’s A-List birthday bash rages until 1 AM

Pictures inside!

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Hilary Swank is engaged

Congratulations to Hilary Swank and fiancé Ruben Torres.

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Kendra Wilkinson: I was forced to be friends with Holly Madison

Kendra Wilkinson is calling foul on many of Holly Madison‘s claims.

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Bethenny Frankel doesn’t have to pay alimony anymore

Bethenny Frankel no longer has to pay over $12,000 a month in temporary support to estranged hubbyJason Hoppy — but she’ll still have to battle over a $5 million Tribeca pad.

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Terry Richardson and girlfriend welcome twin boys

Terry Richardson‘s newest photography subjects have arrived.

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