Celebrity News for May 12 2016

Kylie and Tyga Split … We’re Done For Real

The national nightmare is over.

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Prince: Potential New Heir Out There … If She Steps Up

Prince’s fortune is about to be spread even thinner because he has a long-lost relative — according to a lawyer for Prince’s deceased half brother.

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Prince investigators look to ID drug suppliers

A law enforcement official says investigators looking into Prince‘s death are seeking to identify every doctor and pharmacy that may have supplied the singer prescription drugs, including online sources.

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Madonna to perform Prince tribute at Billboard Awards

The Material Girl will pay tribute to The Purple One with a live performance at the Billboard Music Awards this month.

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Gene Simmons apologizes for attacking Prince

Gene Simmons is now apologizing for labeling Prince as “pathetic” and claiming the superstar killed himself with drug use.

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Stevie Wonder Says We Can All Honor Prince by Having Lots of Sex!

Stevie Wonder’s got some advice for Prince fans trying to cope with his sudden death — just do it.

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Michael Strahan: Flashbacks on Friday … Kelly Ramps Up the Bitterness

Michael Strahan doesn’t want fanfare Friday as he exits ‘Live’ for ‘GMA’ … we’ve learned the show will be a look back at the last 4 years, minus some hard feelings by his co-host over the last 2 weeks.

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Ozzy Osbourne was hooking up with multiple women

Ozzy Osbourne’s alleged affair with stylist Michelle Pugh wasn’t his only fling, we’re told.

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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards can’t stand each other

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards can’t stand each other and keep playing together only because the Rolling Stones bring in the kind of money neither could earn alone, a shocking new Stones memoir reveals.

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Hulk Hogan determined to get his $140M from Gawker

Hulk Hogan says Gawker pulled a bait and switch on a Florida jury — promising to pay the wrestling legend $115 million for posting his private sex tape online, then asking a judge to knock down their award to no more than $1 million.

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Dr. Luke demanding to see Kesha’s medical records

Music producer Dr. Luke is demanding Kesha’s medical records to disprove the singer’s claim that he raped her — a move that could have a chilling effect on sexual-assault victims seeking treatment, the singer’s lawyers say.

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Piers Morgan: This Girl Is Too Hot to Slaughter Her Family

Last night, tweeting British man Piers Morgan aired the first part of “Killer Women,” a new special that, according to Piers, will “chill your soul.”

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Could Gwyneth’s $15,000 sex toy actually be worth it?

This week, Gwyneth Paltrow released a list of ridiculously priced sex toys on her lifestyle blog, Goop, including a $15,000 vibrating personal massager plated in 24k gold.

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Heather Locklear misses tongue-kissing ex-hubby Tommy Lee

Heather Locklear can’t get enough of her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

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