Celebrity News for September 26, 2016

Report: Angelina Jolie Blocks Brad Pitt’s Numbers

It’s been almost a week since Angelina Jolie quietly filed for divorce from Brad Pitt and the entire world threw a tantrum and screamed “love is dead!” before moving on to post about the three fictional characters they’re a combination of. Well, it turns out there’s one person who’s not ready to call it quits: Brad Pitt.

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Video reportedly shows Brad Pitt yelling but not getting violent

A drunken Brad Pitt was caught on video raging atAngelina Jolie aboard their private jet — but the recording did not show any physical violence or contact with Jolie or any of their children, a new report said Friday.

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Angelina Jolie rents $12M beachfront home in Malibu amid divorce

Life without Brad Pitt is off to a plush start forAngelina Jolie, who is hiding out with the kids in a $12 million beachfront spread in Malibu.

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BRAD PITT & ANGELINA JOLIE THE PRENUP IS CLEAR Splitting Properties No Biggie … But Kids Will Be

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not going to have big financial issues, because they were only married for 2 years and they might have been expecting a divorce since day 1 … ’cause they have a prenup spelling out exactly who gets what … TMZ has learned.

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Marion Cotillard’s Boyfriend, Guillaume Canet, Responds To Brangelina Affair Rumors

On the spectrum of worst case scenarios, finding your significant other in analleged affair with Brad Pitt ranks somewhere between sleeping with your twin and dying a slow, painful death in a vat of quicksand.

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Jolie exposes her ‘rebel-turned-saint’ myth by trashing Pitt

Possibly the only thing more surprising than the news that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt were the unceasing, unremitting details.

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Arrest Made After Reported Hacking Of Pippa Middleton’s Photos

Police have made an arrest in the reported hacking and attempted sale of thousands of personal photos belonging to Pippa Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s sister.

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Hackers swipe 3,000 private pics from Pippa Middleton

Hackers have stolen around 3,000 of Pippa Middleton’s private photographs from her iCloud account, according to the London Sun.

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First ‘SNL’ Latina Cast Member Caught Deleting Racist Tweets

“Saturday Night Live” announced that Mexican-American comedian Melissa Villaseñor was hired as the show’s first Latina cast member ever on Sept. 12. The announcement was a seminal moment for representation of Latinos in comedy, but it was completely undercut on Sept. 17, when Grist justice writer Aura Bogadotweeted about Villaseñor suspiciously deleting over 2,000 tweets in less than a week.

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