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Geek News on the Radio for April 28th, 2022

Announcements From CinemaCon 2022

Over the weekend, there were several announcements made at this year’s CinemaCon event, including a new Ghostbusters movie and another Venom to be released as well. Perhaps the most surprising announcement was the casting of Bad Bunny as El Muerto in a standalone film set to release in 2024.


Melissa McBride Leaves Carol and Daryl

The Walking Dead spinoff series was set to start filming this summer but one of the main characters, McBride as Carol, has chosen to leave the show. McBride decided that relocating to Europe for filming didn’t make sense for her at the moment, logistically.

via Hollywood Reporter


Dr. Strange 2 Not Showing in Saudi Arabia

Disney has refused to edit out scenes where a lesbian character references her “two moms” in the film, therefore causing the film to be banned in Saudi Arabia as homosexuality is a capital offense.

via The Guardian


Kite Man Gets HBO Max Series

HBO Max has ordered a 10-episode spin-off cartoon series starring Kite Man, the character from the Harley Quinn series.

via Gizmodo


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