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Geek News on the Radio for August 22nd, 2022

House of the Dragon premiere – Tech Issues

Twitter heard everything and anything from anxious fans, not being able to watch the anticipated “House of Dragons.” An HBO spokesperson advised that the problem seems to be from Amazon’s devices. In a statement the spokesperson mentioned, “We’re aware of a small portion of users attempting to connect via Fire TV devices that are having issues and are in the process of resolving for those impacted users.”

via HollywoodReporter 

Rings of Power to release early

It’s set to premiere three hours earlier. If Rings of Power releases any soon I will have to make popcorn faster! We are expecting two episodes on the premiere and a run time of three hours.

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Bonus episode of The Sandman

We have bestowed upon us, a bonus episode of ‘The Sandman’ check out the sneak peek here!

via Variety

Spiderman: No Way Home back in theatre’s

We get a re-release with an extra 1 minutes. Kerry is hoping it’s just 11 minutes worth of banter, and nothing more! Here’s a glimpse into what we might see within those 11 minutes.

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Rogue One rerelease in theaters

Us star war fans still have a wait out in front of us. Luckily Disney plans later this month, to re-release the box office hit in select IMAX theater’s ahead of the premiere “Andor”

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HBO cancels “Young Justice”

The DC Universe just got smaller as HBO cancels the animated series. Disheartened fans I feel you, I was excited with how extended the list was of young DC superhero’s. There could’ve been so many crossover events and episodes that could’ve kept me in my seat for hours.

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She-Hulk premiere

This premiere seemed to be critically acclaimed by fans. We now know a whole new area of Marvel cannon. We are privy to spoilers, so click the link if you want to know! New episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut Thursdays exclusively on Disney+.

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