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Geek News on the Radio for July 8th, 2024

Hell Boy: The Crooked Man Trailer

Coming September 19th, 2024


Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza Sequel Trailer

Coming soon!


Merging of film properties

Paramount Global and Skydance Media are merging together! Read more here!


Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime adaption

Jonathan Frakes is in the works to make a live action of the Venus Prime, the sci-fi story written by Arthur C. Clarke! Read more here!


Deadpool and Wolverine box office predictions

It is estimated that the new Marvel film will make at least $200 million opening weekend of its release. Read more here!


Walking Dead fans stopped watching for this reason

Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln talks about the death of Glen in the show is the reason many stopped watching, and that the death went too far. Read more here!


Star Wars Acolyte – Beastie Boys

Characters from the new Star Wars show correlates with Beastie Boys songs. Read more here!



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