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Geek News on the Radio for June 10th, 2024

Star Wars: The Acolyte biggest debut in 2024 for Disney+

The new Star Wars show hits 4.8 million views on its first day of streaming! Read more here!


The Boys with certain alignments in current events

Eric Kripke, creator of The Boys, talks about how the show has always been centered in Trumpism. Read more here!


Season 2 Star Trek Prodigy

On Netlfix July 1st! Read more here!


Minecraft tv series

Coming to Netflix, not be confused with the movie. Read more here!


James Gunn posts “woke” Superman comic book page

How Can You Love SUPERMAN and Still Be an Intolerant Bully? | 13th Dimension, Comics, Creators ...


Beck Bennett has joined the cast of James Gunn Superman

SNL star Beck Bennett is set to be a reporter in the new James Gunn Superman adaption! Read more here!


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