Radio From Hell Wellness Check | 6.11.2024

How to get (or stay) active during the warmer months

The days are longer, the sun is shining brighter, and for many kids school is out. The summer can be a great time to embrace a more active lifestyle and to shake off some of the winter blues. Whether it’s enjoying a walk in your local park, spending time at the pool, or joining an outdoor yoga class, the warm weather and extended daylight offer ample opportunities to get more active. Make the most of the best time of the year by discovering some fun new ways to boost your wellbeing.

Many communities offer groups or clubs that you can join, check in with your local community center, or online community groups to see what is available near you. If you are looking for something to try on your own, or with your family, here are a few fun suggestions.

  • Get rolling. The summer is the perfect time to dust off the old roller skates, skateboards, or bikes and hit the trails. Many communities have skate parks and bike paths that can be used to enhance the fun. Be sure to wear your protective gear.
  • Get on your feet. Summer is a great time to hike, run, and walk on local trails. If you live near the mountains, you can often escape (at least some of) the heat by heading to higher elevations where the air is cooler and more refreshing. Strap on your most comfortable shoes and spend some well-deserved time in nature.
  • Hit the water. The summer is a perfect time for spending the day in or on the water. Head to your local pool, take your paddleboard out on the lake, or grab your fishing pole and spend some time enjoying the serenity of nature. Be sure to pack your sunscreen and life jackets.
  • Play some games. If it’s tech that you love, grab your drone, or remote-controlled cars and take them out for spin. If it’s adventure you’re seeking, try connecting with a local Larping group, even just watching is a blast. You can also bust out the metal detector and spend some time searching for treasure or spend an evening playing games next to your campfire.
  • Find some peace. If you are looking for peace and stillness, try the act of forest bathing. Forest bathing is the act of immersing yourself in nature. Take a technology free, slow walk through the forest, and practice being present with what you see, hear, and smell.
  • Be heat smart. No matter how you are spending your time, remember to stay heat and sun safe. Drink plenty of water, dress for the weather, and seek out some shade.

The summer is a great time for activity and adventure. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or Larping, this time of year offers a great opportunity for getting more active. Embrace the warmth and sunshine and remember to stay sun and heat safe.

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