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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for November 8th, 2022

A new open-world Sonic game that we know very little about comes out today
  • Sonic Frontiers is out now on just about every platform
  • The first truly open world Sonic game where you run around exploring various islands as the speedy hedgehog
  • Grind rails, collect rings, jump through hoops–all the standard Sonic stuff
  • But most importantly, wait until it’s released and potentially on sale, because new Sonic games have a bad rep


Your favorite god killing simulator returns this month with God of War Ragnarok
  • Play as Kratos as he slays more gods from Nordic mythology across the nine realms
  • Ally with the Norse god of war Tyr against Thor as you try to prevent Ragnarok with your son, Loki
  • Sequel to 2018’s hyper-cinematic blockbuster God of War, the game features no cutscenes or camera cuts from start to finish
  • Out tomorrow (Nov 9) for PlayStation, but the game has already received universal acclaim from the gaming press


Explore the tree of life with One Zoom and find out how closely you’re related to a mushroom
  • Zoom in and out and scroll around to see how various species are related, and when they split from the evolutionary branch
  • It scrolls out farther than you think
  • Seriously
  • There’s a lot of weird stuff that’s been around a lot longer than any of us


Ever get sick of sending files across different platforms? Send a file via QR code instead!
  • Send files via QR code with aQRoss
  • Simply upload a file from your computer or phone and the site will generate a QR code you can share
  • Scanning the QR code will allow the person to download your file within 5 minutes of sharing
  • Not stored on HTTPS, absolutely not secure, only stores the file for 5 minutes


And finally, are you curious about what the hell Elon Musk is thinking? Just read his texts
  • Messages stem from public records and filings from Elon Musk’s upcoming court case with Twitter
  • Some redacted parts are filled in by AI, but most of it seems easy enough to follow
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