Chris Rock Hosts ‘SNL’ Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey Are Trump & Biden

Comedian/actor Chris Rock was the host of the season premiere of SNL.

During his monologue, he mentioned the diagnosis of President Trump. He said, my heart goes out to COVID.

About the amount of COVID tests Chris Rock had to undergo as he prepared for SNL he said, I haven’t had so much stuff up my nose since I shared a dressing room with Chris Farley.

He said the requirements to be President in the U.S. need to change, there are more rules to a game show than running for President.
Chris said there is no job you can have for 4 years no matter what. He compared it to being a cook at a restaurant and if people got constantly sick
while eating the chef would not keep their job.

Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump while Jim Carrey portrayed Joe Biden.

Maya Rudolph made a brief appearance as Kamala Harris.

Did you think it was in poor taste to poke fun at the President or is that what makes SNL? Did SNL try to cover too many topics in the season premiere?

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