Spiderweb in Missouri Big Enough to “Catch” a Human

Talk about commitment to Halloween decor! The Department of Missouri Conservation recently shared a photo of a huge spiderweb and its followers are freaking out!

The photo was taken on a trail near Springfield, Missouri, and showing a large web between two trees. It’s perspective and, perhaps, its angle may be
cause for it looking so large.

The web appears to have been made by an orb weaver, a large spider that helps control pest issues.

After sharing the photo on its Facebook page, the department saw comments from followers, including one saying the web was “the kind that literally ‘catch’ people if they walk through them at night.” Other comments involved complimenting the web on its beauty and wanting to find homes far away from the web.

Are you afraid of spiders? What would you do if you saw this web on a walk?

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