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Jonathan Davis of Korn: Black Labyrinth Tour at The Depot on October 11th

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Pumpkin Nights at Utah State Fairpark

Yeah, everybody is very excited for their spice, but sometimes they are just nice to look at! It’s an interactive Halloween experience unlike anything else back to the Utah State Fairpark! Pumpkin Nights invites visitors or “Pumpkinheads” to journey into the world of Pumpkin Nights with dazzling, multi-sensory Halloween displays and eight Pumpkin Lands created with over 3,000 hand-carved pumpkins and funkins. This event runs through the first part of November.


• BooLights at Hogle Zoo

The first every BooLight events should be pretty scary because they are going to feed you beers and let the bears and tigers roam free. Only the strong survive! Kidding. I’m kidding. There will be beer though. Tickets are just under $17 and proceeds toward conservation. This is a 21+ event.


• GWAR at The Complex

Is it metal? Is it punk? It’s GWAR! They are bringing along Hatebreed, The Gore with special guests Miss May I and Ringworm. That’s quite a night of banging your head.


• Alkaline Trio at The Complex

It seems The Complex is going to be quite the place tonight. Punk lovers know Alkaline Trio for their gothic take and great songs like “We’ve Had Enough” and “Mercy Me.” You also hear them all the time on SLC Punx here on X96 every Sunday at 10 pm. Pangea and Sharp Shock are opening.


• T.J. Miller at Wiseguys

Self-proclaimed absurdist and former star of Silicon Valley star, T.J. Miller returns to Wiseguys for shows tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday night.


• Jonathan Davis of Korn at The Depot

Korn’s Jonathan Davis released a solo album this year and is taking it on the road for the Black Labyrinth Tour. He is bringing along Birthday Massacre andJulien K October along for this 21+ event.


• Fear Con at Riverbend Event Center

Fear Con celebrates all things Halloween, horror, fantasy, and imagination. This year featuring a never before seen performance from The Vampire Circus, fire breathers, aerialists, contortionists, and much more. Plus, Freakmont Street: a Vegas-like experience along with over 100 exhibitors!


• 3rd Annual Park City Shot Ski

In 2017, the communal shot ski used 476 skis end to end totaling 2,225 feet in length in order to serve 1,250 people. This year, the event invites 1,275 shot-takers to break Breckenridge’s record set in January 2018 of 1,266 participants and 425 skis. Breckenridge? They don’t even have a film festival…not that I know of, anyway. A $25 ticket gets you a spot on the shot, one souvenir shot glass and a token to enjoy a High West specialty drink at one of several after-party locations. All proceeds to got Park City Sunrise Rotary Club’s grant program for community organizers.


• Strut Your Mutt at Liberty Park

Dogs. They really just want your food, but we love them anyway. And for that reason, we don’t want any of them without a loving home. Thanks to our friends at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, you can raise funds as an individual or join a team. This year’s event is at Liberty Park. On October 13, you’re invited to join fellow animal lovers to participate in a leisurely walk (dog not required). This family-friendly festival also includes food trucks, vendors and lots of fun activities.

 More than 2,000 animal lovers participated in last year’s Strut, raising more than $200,000 for lifesaving programs, such as spay and neuter services, adoption events and more. Please register today and join the fun.


•Born at The Complex

SOLD OUT! You had your chance to get tickets to Born and Twin Shadow, but you didn’t, so you can’t go, i guess. I am not even sure why I am telling you about this since you can’t go. Maybe it’s because I am upset since I ran out of orange La Croix.


•Tennis at Metro Music Hall

This duo is from Denver, so they are practically local. They are even married, so it’s a good community standard show as well. Oh, and they are a really good band, so there’s that, too.


•Neil DeGrasse Tyson at Eccles Theatre

Sure, he makes you smart about the cosmos, but he also ruins some of your favorite movies, so you’re going to be really torn on this one. Even with his likable demeanor, do you really want someone who told you Star Wars isn’t real? Can your fragile psyche handle that, true believer?


•Alice in Chains at The Depot

It’s not the original lineup for obvious reasons, but you know all the songs and you haven’t sung in public for a while, so you might as well go.


•Henry Rollins at The State Room

I don’t know how this got by me, but it’s sold out now. So I will just hang out at the front door with a cup and try to hear as much as I can.


•Dreamers at Kilby Court

You’ve been hearing their new track “Screws” on X96, now seem them live with Weathers and Rad Horror at Salt Lake’s very own Kilby Court. All-ages show!


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