Disney Releasing New Ticket Pricing

Disney World will be revealing new ticket pricing next month, and you’re going to need to be savvy to understand it. So savvy that it could lead to spending more than you’d like to spend at the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Right now, you can get one-day tickets to Disney’s four parks by pricing tiers known as value, regular, and peak depending on when you go. Tickets for two or more days have a flat rate. On October 16, Disney World changes things by moving to an “interactive calendar” which will change the price of a ticket depending on when you arrive and how long you stay.

It won’t be known until next month how much you’ll save or lose with the new ticket pricing, but it would make sense to look over it well now. Disney World has six new attractions opening that you’ll want to see soon.

What do you thin of the new pricing from Disney? What would be your pricing plan for Disney? Are Disney prices too high?

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