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Geek News on the Radio for March 11th, 2024

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Disney+ Releasing Some Series on Blu-Ray

Disney+ plans to release some of it’s original series on blu-ray including the Mandalorian, Loki and Wandavision.

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Avatar the Last Airbender Getting 2 more Seasons

The new Avatar series is doing so well that it has been confirmed for 2 more seasons, but that is it.

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Nicholas Hoult Cast as Lex Luthor in New Superman

James Gunn has canst Nicholas Hoult as the new Lex Luthor and he talks about the preparation he has taken to get into character for the role.

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Chris Evans Thinks Superhero Movies Deserve More Credit

Robert Downey Jr. has said that his best work was when he was Iron Man but never got the credit and Chris Evans adds on talking about how superhero movies deserve more credit than they get.

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Zack Snyder Says Batman Should Kill People

Zack Snyder has come out and said that Batman needs to kill people or he will become “irrelevant”.

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Godzilla Minus One Gets an Oscar

At the 2024 Academy Awards, Godzilla Minus One made franchise history by winning an Oscar.

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All Spiderman Movies to Rerelease in Theaters

Between April and June of this year, all 8 Spiderman movies will be rereleased in theaters.

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