Dog Tears Open Neighbor’s Package, Unveils Bright Pink Sex Toy

A Labrador Retriever in England won’t be receiving any kisses from the neighbors after she got into their packages. But you can’t blame Bonnie. Perhaps she was just looking for something to play with, which she did, much to next door’s embarrassment. When Lee Edwards checked on his puppy, she had a bight pink sex toy in her mouth, which she had chewed up after the post office delivered it to their house for safekeeping until it could be picked up. Edwards grabbed the device from the dog, who expected he would throw it back, boxing up what was left. When the neighbor arrived to collect, judging from the condition of the package, she knew what had transpired and ran back to her car. The Edwards family now has a sign on the door warning that no deliveries should be left on their porch.

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