Goat Born with Human Face Worshiped as ‘Avatar of God’

Residents of a tiny village in India claim a goat born with a creepy human face is “the avatar of God.” The black goat, whose face looks like a cross between a man’s and a gorilla’s, was born over the weekend in Rajasthan. Video shows the mutant creature stumbling about as it gets used to walking while happily wagging its little tail. While locals see the strange goat’s birth as a miracle, experts say it’s actually suffering from a rare congenital disease known as “cyclopia,” which causes facial genes to mutate.

It’s not the first time residents of India have worshiped a funny-looking animal. A calf that was also suffering from cyclopia was recently born in Bardhaman — and locals worshiped it as the avatar of God until it died four months later.

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