Henry Rollins Says Yes to Everything…Paints Shirtless

First, it was hot sauce and a chat

…and now Hank is taking up fine art. This seems completely reasonable progression for a man is that’s a well-seasoned traveler with a curiosity rivaling that of Copernicus. Now Mr. Rollins is putting his experience to the canvas with Funny or Die’s series, “Two Shirtless Painter.” Spend time admiring the history in Rollins’ inked physique and a lighter side of the prolific DIYer. Or, perhaps, it’s just as he claims, “I need work.” I don’t think anyone would really call Henry Rollins a slack, though.

Enjoy the (as Doug Fabrizio would say) conversation, the paint, and the levity.

“I cry when I’m jet-lagged.” – Henry Rollins

For those of you who are not familiar with Henry Rollins, well, here you go:

If you want to know more, you really should read, “Get in the Van” that tracks the history of Black Flag.

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