Hey, Did They Just Say "Utah" In That Song?

Utah. Beautiful? Sure. Inspiring? Sure. Unique? Of course it is.

Others have noticed as well and paid homage…or used us as an easy target. Here are some of my favorite songs that mention our little Zion:

The Pixies “The Palace of the Brine”

Not the only time The Pixies have mentioned Utah, but a good one considering the last show they played here was at The Great Saltair. They also seem to have a very intimate knowledge of the lake: “Palace of the Brine / Beneath reflections in the fountain / The starry sky and Utah mountains.”

The Beach Boys “Salt Lake City”

I mean, pretty much a no-brainer. I mean, “That’s why we never get tired of Salt Lake/And the way the kids talk so cool.” Keep talking cool, you guys.

Local H “May: The Summer of Boats”

Having just seen Local H, Scott expanded on the lyrical content of this song saying he dated a girl that left him and moved to Salt Lake City. I mean with all the hiking, can you blame her?

Band of Horses “The Great Salt Lake”

Sure, as is sung, “Well I am sure I could steer/The Great Salt Lake.” Just remember, you shouldn’t really want to swim in it. Just look at it and steer it.

Camper Van Beethoven “The History of Utah”

Because people love history. Right? “Took all the shopping carts from the mall/And took them to Utah/Which was Zion.” It’s like they are singing right out of my junior high school Utah History textbook.

The Dwarves “Salt Lake City”

Even Dexter from The Offspring helped on this one. Apparently, there is one place they are not going. You know what they say, there is no bad press.

Beastie Boys “Root Down”

“You do might think that I’m a fanatic/A phone call from Utah and I’m throwing a panic/So kick it from the root when we break it on down” And they put their root down.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears “Mustang Ranch”

Sure, it’s a song about leaving a gig in Salt Lake to San Fran for another gig when they decide to stop at the Mustang Ranch, but we get a shout out. Bonus, I have never heard the term “ham glazed” used that way before.

Adam Ant “Ying + Yang”

It starts, “I’ve got Utah dust / inside my boots.” I guess he traded in his goody two shoes.

R.E.M. “Departure”

“Adventures in Hi-Fi” was certainly was not a glowing success, but we did get a little love on this track, “Salt Lake City, coming in spring/Over the salt flats, a hailstorm brought you back to me.”

Uncle Kracker “Heaven”

“Just send me to hell or Salt Lake City/It would be about the same to me.” Not a glowing review, but then again this song also features Kid Rock and if Kid Rock isn’t saying “Bahwitahbahhhhh” or “Cowboy” I just don’t care.

Chris Isaak “Don’t Get So Down on Yourself”

“That’s you and me in Salt Lake City/you sure look pretty.” Yes you do.

If you can think of any others, we’d love to know. Just put your nomination in the comments below and we will update the playlist, which you can enjoy here:

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