5 MUST-HAVE Items to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

5 things to buy at this year’s Adventure and Gear Fest that would help you survive a zombie apocalypse.

When the X96 Adventure and Gear Fest comes to town, I always start making a list of things that I would need in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse.

That’s a normal thing, right? I mean, surviving a zombie apocalypse WOULD involve Adventure. It would involve GEAR. And I’m sure camping, hiking, and lots of eating outdoors would be involved. Obviously when surviving zombie palooza you need the basics. A shotgun. I’ve got that already. A machete. Got one of those too! But there are FIVE things that I can pick up April 8th and 9th at The South Towne Expo Center that I had not thought of.


1. A TENT! I don’t own a tent. I had a tent once, and it got sand in it.. I couldn’t figure out how to get the sand out and then I noticed there were a few ants in there too. So I gave it to the neighbors. True story. So I’ll be looking for a NEW TENT. And maybe a broom…

2. A WATER FILTER! They have these cool bottles now that filter out 99.9% of anything you might find in rivers, streams, lakes, even a dirty puddle in the parking lot! I’m not sure who the unlucky soul was that had to test these things, but my hat is off to you! Gimme two just in case I ruin one.

3. A BOX OF DRY FOOD! I’ve actually bought some of this stuff before to put in my 72 hour kit. But then I realized one day that I don’t know what to make for dinner, and Panda Express is already closed for the night. Next thing you know, I’m enjoying some mashed potatoes and some sort of pasta. I’m king for a day!

4. A COAT! I have a coat. But you can never have too many coats. You never know what style of coat will be in fashion when civilization breaks down and people start eating each other. I’m going to go out looking like a champ, dammit.

5. A BIKE! The perfect mode of transportation for post nuclear zombie filled wasteland. Think about it! No gas needed, you stay in shape, AND what kind of half-decayed skeleton man is going to be able to catch you on a sweet new mountain bike?

Adventure Gear Fest LogoNow, even if you’re not a zombie-fearing crazy pants like me, I’m SURE you’ll enjoy the Adventure and Gear fest. Photography, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing, camping, and everything you could possibly need/want to enjoy all of the above.

Have fun!!

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