Johnny Knoxville is back in ACTION POINT! Check Out The Trailer.

I’ll be honest, JACKASS was written for me.. Not people like me, but specifically FOR me.


I mean, that’s the only explanation.  There is no possible way that there are OTHER people that enjoy childish, obscene, and reckless behavior like I do..  Right?   I still find old Jckass videos on Youtube and laugh my ass clean off.  Which is why I was stoked to see that Knoxville and pals are back with a new film called “ACTION POINT”.  The film features Many of our pals from Jackass and Nitro Circus doing their own stunts in a film about an amusement park in the 1970’s.

Anyone who WENT to an amusement park in the 70’s will tell you, everything I’m seeing in the trailer is pretty much spot on.  I mean, for Hell sake there is a girl in the film named “Four Finger Annie”.  How is that S*** not hilarious!??


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