Jon Smith loves terrible movies from the 80’s: NORTH SHORE!!

Welcome to my weekly post where I review my favorite movies , going completely from memory.

Which,  admittedly  can be a little hazy on some of these.  But THIS??  THIS is NORTH effing SHORE.

I watched this movie SO many times growing up.  Somehow from my 3rd to 7th grade years I got it in my head that I could be a surfer.   Being a kid in Utah, but spending a lot of time in California with my Dad on his work trips to TRW meant I could DRESS and act like a surfer, even if to this VERY DAY I’ve never even tried it.  Total poser man, but thanks to the NORTH SHORE, I could now live vicariously through some dude named RICK!

Rick, was a dude from Arizona, who wins a surf tank contest, and uses his winnings to live the dream of surfing in Hawaii!  But when he gets there he discovers that pretty much everyone in Hawaii hates him for some reason.

Like, if this movie were be believed, the beautiful islands of Hawaii are populated entirely by assholes.  SAVE FOR ONE guy.  Named Turtle.  Turtle is a dude that works for surfboard maker Chandler.  A “soul surfer” who decides to take Rick in and teach him the ancient art of riding waves.

Along the way, he picks a fight with a local surf gang called THE HOOOOEEEY.  Which is kind of like the Hells Angels of surfing I guess.  But they steal Ricks stuff and call him a “kook” which is somehow worse than a “barney” and a “howlie” combined.   This movie is a lot like watching The Town, or The Departed.  Because you learn the best way to insult someone from a specific state in a way they’re sure to understand.

Some other stuff happens, and Rick entered a surfing contest, but lost.  At this point my brain is recalling scenes from “Back To The Beach”  which I’ll have to review another time.  There was a lot of surfing going on in the 80’s man.

Anyway, check out NORTH SHORE!  It’s a great show!


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