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PVRIS | March 3rd at The Depot

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

•New Politics at The Depot

One of X96’s favorites return to Utah on their Lost in Translation Tour and they are bringing some amazing opening band with Dreamers (who played here last summer on the Salt City Sounds shows) and The Wrecks. Solid Wednesday!


•The Dark Crystal 35th Anniversary Edition at Megaplex

Or, as known by it’s working title, I’m a Gelfling, You’re a Gelfling.


•Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular at Metro Music Hall

Adult Swim is moshing its way through Salt Lake City with Exodus and Municipal Waste in celebration of the animated thrashterpiece, Mr. Pickles. Enter Mr. Pickle’s lair for a night of face melting metal and soul stealing effigies. Mr. Pickles, the world’s most metal dog, returns for a third season of tail wagging, flesh ripping, decapitation and good old fashioned American adventure on Sunday, February 25. Only on Adult Swim.


•PVRIS at The Depot

Recently, caught opening up for Muse, PVRIS of Lowell, Massachusetts didn’t have to call themselves PVRIS so you could find them more easily on the interwebs, no. They changed it because of lawyers telling them they had to. Know what lawyers can’t do? Tell them how to write a god-damned song…or maybe they can…


•Jim Norton at Wiseguys

If you’d dig a guy that looks like me in about 15 years talking about his sexual proclivities into a microphone, but funny…then go see Jim Norton. Jim Norton’s Kneeling Room Only Tour! American stand up comedian, radio personality, bestselling author, and actor, Jim Norton is the co-host of The Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show that can be heard every morning on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. His latest stand up special, “Mouthful of Shame” is streaming now on Netflix where Jim lays out a full serving of refreshingly unapologetic humor in his first Netflix comedy special. In May 2016, he was announced as co-host of UFC’s Unfiltered Podcast with Jim Norton & Matt Serra. Since 2014 he has been a contributor to Time Magazine. He has an additional 4 one-hour comedy specials that can be seen on Hulu, Amazon, and HBO GO.


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