NC Man and 16 Cats File Lawsuit Against County

A North Carolina man and 16 feline co-complainants have filed a lawsuit against Gaston County, claiming their civil rights have been violated. Cherryville resident Damon Fields — whose co-complainants include “Boo Loo,” “Girlfriend Sara,” “Buh Buh Logan” and “Tony Tiger” — claims the cats were wrongfully taken from Fields’ home last November. That’s when animal control officers responded to a neighbor’s complaint and found Fields’ home to be filled with “an incredibly large amount of cat poop,” according to a police affidavit. Investigators say they had to wear masks to enter his home because it “reeked of cat urine.” They took all 16 cats, and Fields was charged with 16 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. Fields has been fighting to get his little friends back ever since. In December, a judge gave in and told him he could pick five cats to bring back home — and that’s what prompted the 37-year-old and his feline furballs to sue, he says. “My family and I were denied the right to have a fair trial, before we were accused and taken and stuffed in a box/cell/cage,” Fields wrote in his complaint. The suit is pending.

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