Shoplifter Throws Fit after being Locked Inside Houston Store

While shoplifting once required sleight-of-hand skills, today’s breed of thieves has taken to carrying out their stolen goods in full view of employees and security cameras, knowing police won’t arrive in time to catch them. But that method doesn’t work so well when the entrance to the store is locked.

A shoplifter in Houston found that out in August when found himself locked inside an unidentified store, video released Wednesday reveals. After the clerk recognized the man as someone who’d shoplifted at the location in the past, she locked the store’s entrance. When the man attempted to leave with a pile of stolen clothes, he was visibly startled to discover the door wouldn’t open, the video reveals.

Upset that his path of escape had been blocked, the angry man can be seen throwing the clothes on the floor and yelling at the clerk. Fearing for her safety, she eventually relents and unlocks the door — allowing the shaken man to scoop up some of his stolen goods before making an exit.

Does it seem like people are no longer afraid of getting arrested?

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