Study: Americans Exercising Less, Sleeping More during Coronavirus Pandemic

U.S. residents have been eating more, exercising less and spending more time sleeping since the outbreak of the coronavirus. That’s according to a new study, which was conducted by analyzing data from 160,000 fitness trackers. Conducted by Evidation Health, the study reveals the activity levels of U.S. residents is down 39 percent. In New York, physical activity dropped by 50 percent in the week after Governor Andrew Cuomo issued stay-at-home orders, the study reveals. And following President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration on March 13th, the number of time people sleep shot up by 20 percent, according to the study. “We’re all staying at home and a lot less active, we’re sleeping more, we’re snacking more, and we’re keeping an eye on our health at home,” says Evidation Health president Christine Lemke.

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