These Are The Most Affordable Small Towns In The U.S.

If you are looking to ditch big city life for a small town (especially to save some money) – this list might help you out. has ranked the most affordable small towns in the U.S.

They factored in things like house prices, unemployment rates, and crime statistics.

The biggest trend you’ll probably notice with this list: The towns are mostly in the Midwest.

#10 – Seneca Falls, NY

#9 – Maryville, MO

#8 – Lincoln, IL

#7 – Los Alamos, NM

#6 – Wapakoneta, OH

#5 – Wahpeton, ND

#4 – Spencer, IA

#3 – Houghton, MI

#2 – Lexington, NE

#1 – New Ulm, MN

Do you prefer living in a large city or more of a smaller town?

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