Travel Brigade’s List of Holiday Gifts for the Traveler

Ho! Ho! Ho! Travel Brigade will play Travel Santa when Geoff Griffin and Kathleen Curry stop by loaded with “Holiday Gifts for the Traveler”. Check out Travel Brigade’s Picks!


Remember your favorite city with these designer necklaces and cuffs. – Click Here


You’ll actually be able to find your lipstick if you use this! – Click Here


Once you’ve tried this, it will become your go-to getaway bag. – Click Here



One piece of clothing with five different uses. – Click Here


Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a genius to use this great luggage. – Click Here




Look fresh and pressed when you pack this tiny iron. – Click Here

One adapter that you can use in multiple countries. – Click Here

Light enough to fold up into your pocket, but strong enough to be water resistant and serve as a blanket. – Click Here

This luggage system lets you hang up everything you packed at one time. – Click Here

You’ll never find yourself fumbling through bags again. – Click Here



Flask2Go…The name says it all. – Click Here




Keep your phone and wallet safe when you head to the beach. – Click Here




Keep track of your travels when you put your mark on these maps. – Click Here


See your favorite cities in new ways when using these. – Click Here


Beach lounging just got easier! – Click Here

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