Wanna buy a town? How about a GHOST town? This one could be yours for less than a million!

Sure, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and probably crawling with bugs.  But, I want to buy it!


An old mining town called Cerro Gordo was a silver town starting around 1866.  It has actually been privately owned since the 1930’s and “may contain more precious metals”.

Interestingly it’s in remarkable condition due to it’s private ownership, and remote location.   A bar which looks like it could have been in business yesterday, as well as an old church and hotel are also on site among the 22 buildings.  If I were to buy it, I would rename it “My Pants”.   That way I could be the Mayor of My Pants.  The street signs alone would be worth the money.


24,000 square feet covering over 300 acres of patented mining claims. So if you were looking for some land near near Lone Pine, California.  check out for more information.


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