Celebrity News for November 18th, 2016


Lena Headey has pulled out the big guns in her custody war — passing a letter to the judge from the “Game of Thrones” Executive Producer demanding her presence on the set. Lena and ex-hubby Peter Loughran are in a ‘GoT’ war over custody of 6-year-old Wylie. Lena is begging the judge to modify the current custody order and allow her to keep the boy in the UK, where she films the show. Peter is dead set against it, claiming it would deny him access to his son.

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Conor McGregor says he wants to own a piece of the UFC — and Mark Wahlberg says he’s willing to give it to him. Remember, Wahlberg was one of the celebrity investors who purchased a small stake in the UFC earlier this year.

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Share a Kiss at the Latin Grammy Awards After Performing a Duet Together

Sealed with a kiss! Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthonyproved they just might be the most amicable exes in Hollywood as they shared a very tender moment on stage at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday, November 17.

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Shelley Duvall Once Said Filming ‘The Shining’ Was ‘Almost Unbearable’

Shelley Duvall shocked fans this week when she revealed her serious mental health battle in an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil set to air on Friday, November 18. The actress, who has spent years out of the spotlight, was best known for her role in horror classic The Shining — but found working with legendary director Stanley Kubrick so stressful it made her hair fall out.

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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Take Awkward to a New Level in This Interview

“Ooohhh, dream weaver. I believe you can get me through the nightttttt.” We dare you not to get this stuck in your head after watching this awkward reunion between Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman.  For those not up to date on the late-night host and actress’s complicated relationship, here’s a crash course. A year ago, the Oscar winner was a guest on the show and Fallon asked if she remember the first time they hung out. Oh, yes she did.

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Paris Hilton Voted For Donald Trump, Because Of Course She Would

When Paris Hilton entered the voting booth on Election Day, she had two choices: vote for the candidate who vowed to fight for the rights of women and young girls or the candidate who thought she was hot as a 12-year-old. Hmm, let’s see. Yep, let’s go with the one who objectified her as a preteen!

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Don’t Even Try To Shame Kaley Cuoco About Her Plastic Surgery

In case you were wondering, Kaley Cuoco has zero shame about her past plastic surgery decisions. Nope, don’t even try it.  “The Big Bang Theory” actress got candid about nips and tucks in the December issue of Women’s Health, which she covers baring her all-natural abs.

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Alt-Right Website Really Wants You To Believe Taylor Swift Voted For Donald Trump

When it comes to politics, Taylor Swift likes to keep us guessing where her loyalties lie. We all know she voted ― at least, that’s what this selfie leads us to believe ― but whose name she checked off on her ballot box, we may never know.

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