Cigarettes and Taco Bell: Dave Grohl’s ’80s Budget

It may be hard to not think of Dave Grohl as a wildly successful musician, but he was kind of slumming it in the ’80s.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Foo Fighters frontman reveals that he never sought to make a career out of being a musician. He was just living the experience.

The paycheck was really unimpressive when he was drumming in the band Scream. Grohl says, “I started touring at 18: carrying my stuff in a bag, sleeping on floors, and if I was lucky, I’d get seven dollars a day to budget on cigarettes and Taco Bell.”

Grohl also says that his original five-year plan was to become a studio drummer and take up graphic design. But then Nirvana happened, so…

What were you making when you had your first job? Do you think Dave Grohl would have been successful without Nirvana?

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