Corey O’Brien’s 5 Favorite Beck Songs

 I can’t wait for Saturday

It’s been 2, maybe 3 years since I saw Beck last. I believe it was the Twilight Concert Series at Pioneer Park. What a get that was! Well, he’s back this week at Maverik Center, touring on his new album, “Colors” that came out last year after a long 3-year wait after “Morning Phase.” In anticipation for the show on Saturday (ticket are still on sale at, by the way), I got to pondering, what my favorite songs of the years were since I was first introduced to Beck in 1994. There were too many, so I had to narrow it to the top 5.

5. “Lost Cause” from Sea Change

From a guy that can make you dance to kicking your heart after it’s already dropped off a 40-story building. The entire album is a wretch in the best possible way. The point that sometimes, someone, might just be a waste of your time and the baggage we inevitably gain as we get older and try to make new relationships.

4. “Novacane” from Odelay

This has always been the most film-like of the Beck catalogue for me. It’s got this weird, western swagger and holds a Beatie Boys attitude in the delivery of the verse that just makes it all sound so badass. It really is a bridge between 90’s grunge and whatever started happing in the 00’s with the “The” bands.

3. “Que’ Onda Guero” from Guero

Just a day in the life in East L.A.? I don’t know. I don’t’ think I have ever been there, but it makes whatever this place he sings about a place you want to live. Sure, it’s narration, but I’ve always thought that’s what Beck does best.

2. “Nausea” from The Information

I remember the sticker pack that came with this album since I still have it, untouched. The stickers were always too cool to just stick anywhere, so I put them nowhere. This song though, the lead single if I remember correctly, has that driving beat, 70’s glamour, and driving acoustic guitar that begs you to call some friends and cut a hole in the floor with your feet.

1. “Debra” from Midnight Vultures

At almost 6 minutes this song is hypnosis. You get this laid-back opening organ and you don’t know where the hell it’s going until you the opening line, “I met you at J.C. Penny…I think your name tag, it said, ‘Jenny’.” Oh this song is about the art of seduction: a fresh pack of gum and the getting of getting with people. “Debra” is an opus that pulls horns, high notes, to ecstasy, then some pillow talk, then back into the banality of the chase. This track is some HOT SHIT!

Once again, don’t miss Beck this Saturday at Maverick Center. Get your tickets now at Ticketmaster.


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