Dave Grohl Meets Fan with Family Connection to Foo Fighters

Photo: Corey O'Brien

Dave Grohl was doing much more than just posing for a photo with a fan recently. The Foo Fighters frontman was in Dublin on Monday and took some photos with some staff and customers at a restaurant.

One of those people getting a photo was Carmel Breheny, whose late brother did light work for Foo Fighters.
Before Joe died in 2009, his last lighting job was with the band.

“When my brother was buried, his remains we repatriated to Sligo as was his wish, and at the graveside, the last song we played was a Foo Fighters song,” said Breheny. “So, last night was very much the right time, the right place for me as a fan but Dave Grohl will never know how much it meant to me… It just feels like things come full circle when that happens.”

What songs do you think you would want to be played at your funeral? Have you accidentally bumped into any rock stars? Who?

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