Foo Fighters Albums Ranked Worst to Best

Photo: Corey O'Brien

A proper Foo Fighters fight!

Here is something that is sure to divide Foo Fighters fans.

The staff at Ultimate Classic Rock has ranked the Foos’ albums from worst to best.

Here is how they ranked them:

  • “Concrete and Gold”
  • “Sonic Highways”
  • “In Your Honor”
  • “Medicine at Midnight”
  • “One by One”
  • “Wasting Light”
  • “There is Nothing Left to Lose”
  • “Foo Fighters”
  • “Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace”
  • “The Colour and the Shape”

It’s not too surprising that the album with “Everlong” would top the list, but what do you think?

Don’t agree? Go ahead and rank them for yourself…

How would you rank Foo Fighters’ albums? Do you agree with this list?

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