Pearl Jam Fan Gets Dying Wish To See Them In Concert

Photo: Pearl Jam

For this Pearl Jam fan, it’s truly a night to remember…

According to Loundwire, a Pearl Jam fan got his dying wish to see Pearl Jam this week, but it wasn’t easy.

Roland Mandel bought tickets to see the band in Berlin back in 2019 before the show was canceled because of Covid.

Since then, Mandel was diagnosed with ALS and is confined to a wheelchair.

Turns out the venue in Berlin had only 12 wheelchair spots available for the rescheduled tour date and they were already taken.

Mandel’s friends started an online campaign using the hashtag #RVMforRoland to try and get him to the show.

(RVM is for “Rearview Mirror” his favorite song)

Thankfully, it worked. Mandel got to watch the show Tuesday from the side of the stage and was even brought on stage by Eddie Vedder who told the crowd, “He should also experience this special sight. He worked his a** off to be here tonight.”

Have you helped a friend or family member with a dying wish?

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