Fresh X: Awolnation “Handyman”

Awolnation want to surf and fix your sink in new video

Shot in California the video feature surfing and begs you to get your chores done so you can go surfing and fall in love. In Utah terms that means you need to get your 72-hour kit done so you can hit up the single’s ward. Or clean your Subaru so you can go hiking. Or wash your dog so you can make it to the climbing gym before they close. You get the idea. I know Aaron is singing about being your handyman, but he really wants to fix your heart. That’s called “hope.”

Sorry guys, I can’t even put my cynicism down for one blog post. I do quite like this song and am going to play it on Sunday night at X96 I.P.O. – our initial public offering of new alternative.

Anyway, the new Awolnation album, Here Come the Runts, is out on February 2nd and they are performing at The Complex on March 7th. Tickets are on sale here.

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