Fresh X: Goldfinger Announce New Album and Share “Put the Knife Away”

It has been so many scores and 9 years…

Goldfinger is back. It’s been since 2008 since Goldfinger released an album, but on July 21st Josh Feldmann and company will release “The Knife.” They also shared this new track, “Put the Knife Away”

You can also catch twenty-one pilots Josh Dunn and Travis Barker playing drums in this teaser:

There’s the tracklist for

1. A Million Miles
2. Get What I Need
3. Am I Deaf
4. Tijuana Sunrise
5. Put The Knife Away
6. Don’t Let Me Go
7. Beacon
8. Who’s Laughing Now
9. Say It Out Loud
10. Orthodontist Girl
11. See You Around
12. Liftoff
13. Milla

You can pre-order the new album here.

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