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Salt Lake Comic Con Recap!

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Outrage over Superman Comic Book?

DC Action Domics Superman Immigrants

This week within the pages of Action Comics #987, Superman did what he’s always done: He defended the helpless and saved people from harm. But for a certain section of the political right, Superman’s routine was cause for outrage, due to the fact that in the comic, Superman saves a group of undocumented, Spanish-speaking immigrants from an angry white nationalist. The release of Action Comics #987 written by Dan Jurgens was supposed to be a big deal. After over a year of teasing going back to DC Comics: Rebirth #1 from last year, fans would finally learn the identity of the mysterious “Mr. Oz.” Is he Ozymandias from Watchmen? Is it Brainiac? Is it a pre-crisis Lex Luthor? The answer was revealed on the last page of the comic, but the internet got fired up over something else entirely: in which Superman, attending to a number of disturbances, defends a group of undocumented immigrants. In the comic, Superman is forced to take care of several disturbances all at once. There’s illegal wildlife hunting, child slavery, an oil spill, a prison break, and so on in different parts of the world. But among the noise, a disgruntled white nationalist, while wearing an American flag bandana, aims his assault rifle at a large group of undocumented workers.

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