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Geek News on the Radio February 11th

New Pet Sematary trailer is even more terrifying than the first

It has been 30 years since Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” shocked cinemagoers around the world. Now horror fans will get the chance to experience that terror all over again when it returns to theatres this year for its second cinematic adaptation. Directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, the new trailer is a follow-up to the first that was released in October and teased fans with a glimpse of a tale even darker than the original.

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Chucky Movie Rights Explained: Why There’s Two Franchise at Two Different Studios

In 2019, Chucky will be the star of both a Child’s Play movie reboot and a network television series, but, unfortunately, the character is being torn in different directions by two different studios. A complicated production and distribution history leaves a lot of confusion over who truly owns the rights to Chucky and what kind of authority it gives them over the character.

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Aubrey Plaza Thoroughly Regrets Buying Her Kid A Chucky Doll In ‘Child’s Play’

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‘Walking Dead’ Shocker: Danai Gurira to Exit

Danai Gurira, a breakout star of AMC’s The Walking Dead, is exiting the series.

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