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Geek News on the Radio for April 16th, 2018

10 Potential Surprises In Avengers: Infinity War’s Character Roster

It was recently revealed that there could be as many as 67 (yes, sixty-seven) major characters appearing across the two upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movies in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Of course, that kind of information gets people talking and speculating in their droves – specifically about which characters that veritable army might include. The obvious assumptions are the Avengers themselves, the Guardians of the GalaxyAdam WarlockThanos and Loki, while other assumptions include the likes of a returning Red Skull, the Defenders, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Asgardian supporting characters from the Thor movies.

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Star Trek: Discovery season 2 confirms Spock is going to appear

Star Trek: Discovery is set to boldly go somewhere the show has most definitely gone before, as it’s set to incorporate fan-favourite Spock. However, don’t expect the prequel to weave in Zachary Quinto’s version of the character as the JJ Abrams movie-verse is entirely separate from the TV show. Meanwhile, the original Spock Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away back in 2015. Director Jonathan Frakes – who you’ll also know as Commander Riker from the classic Next Generation series – explained how exactly the cameo will play out. Speaking at El Paso Comic Con, Frakes explained that despite Spock being a young science officer around the time Discovery is set, the show is set to go back further into his childhood via the medium of flashbacks. During the scenes, Spock will appear alongside his adopted sister Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who fronts the CBS All Access show, which airs on Netflix in the UK.

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James McAvoy, Bill Hader in Talks for ‘It: Chapter 2’

With Jessica Chastain officially on board “It: Chapter 2,” New Line has now begun to zero in on who will play the rest of the Losers Club with James McAvoy and Bill Hader in talks to join the next installment. Sources tell Variety that McAvoy is in talks for the role of Bill, who was played by Jaeden Lieberher in the first pic, while Hader is in talks for the role of Richie, which was played by Finn Wolfhard in the last film. As previously announced, Chastain will play Beverly. Director Andy Muschietti is back to direct, with Gary Dauberman penning the script. Sources stress that negotiations are early and that the script is still being worked on, but both sides have officially begun discussing her coming on to the project. Bill Skarsgard is also expected to return as Pennywise. The sequel will bow on Sept. 6, 2019, with production expected to start this summer.

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‘Rampage’ Is No. 1, Proving Dwayne Johnson’s Box Office Might

LOS ANGELES — True movie stars can “open” a film of any quality simply by having their name above the title. Very few of those specimens remain in this fragmented entertainment age, but Dwayne Johnson proved himself as one over the weekend. “Rampage,” a PG-13 cheesefest involving mutant animals and marketed squarely around Mr. Johnson’s presence, generated $34.5 million in ticket sales in its North American debut, on the low end of prerelease analyst expectations but enough for No. 1. “Rampage,” which received weak reviews, collected an additional $140 million overseas, according to comScore, which compiles box office data.

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